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Exchange in Time as part The Island Indoors – notes and outcomes

2 Sep


A 2-day intensive discussion on art and art education on 27-28 August 2018, hosted by the School of Art in Valletta. Exchange between Flanders and Malta as part of the exhibition project ‘The Island Indoors” (supported by Arts Council Malta through the Cultural Export Fund and 252cc, and endorsed by Valletta 2018). Bringing together 2 art teachers and their (ex)-students.

The notes and outcomes can be found here. Some of the topics will be further developed at the Meet and Greet session on the 10th of November in Ekeren … and hopefully also later on in Malta 😉

25 years later

14 Jan

No New Year’s Resolution. Just a short reflection.

Recently I came across the poster promoting Antwerp 93. The tagline for the year questioned whether art can safe the world. Well it might not be able to safe the world, but it does make the world a better place. Over the past years I learned that one can make small differences through art and culture, so yes we can never have enough of it.

Honestly, it was not a coincidence bumping into that poster. Next week Valletta 2018 European Cultural Capital will kick off and exactly 25 years ago I had the pleasure to be part of Antwerp 1993 European Capital of Culture. Back then I just graduated and was one of the guides leading guests and visitors through the city and through all exhibitions related to the cultural capital year. It was an amazing year for a fresh graduate, as I had the opportunity to discover Antwerp’s cultural institutions on all levels. It was also the start of an art-full career. Since then I can be only grateful for what happened on my professional path.

When I left Belgium in 2015 I could not have imagined that I would again be working on an international inspiring level connecting with artist worldwide, since apart from other things, I’m again involved in a European Cultural Capital adventure. I’m honoured to be able to develop together with fantastic colleagues an artist in residence programme for Valletta 2018 that wanders towards expected and unexpected paths, connecting all art forms, science, education and health. The journey started two years ago and I hope it will leave something sustainable after the 2018.

Ready to roll and continue the story.

I wish you all an inspiring 2018 !!!


New Course, New Place — started yesterday

29 Sep

12019938_10153691678216289_313438978359216208_nActive Design Processes – Collaborative Practice – A course for the 3rd years Digital Design at the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences at the University of Malta . Nice group of students. Loving it!

tomorrow: Barcamp Antwerpen 2014 – tinkering

16 May

to be to tomorrow. Guess I will talk about tinkering creativity and kids! Looking forward to it


Gentse studenten participeren aan TumultinGent#2

15 Mar

Fijn initiatief!

Op 19 maart 2014 palmen kunstenaars, fotografen, designers, grafisch ontwerpers, muzikanten, poëten, acteurs en theatermakers de Gentse binnenstad in van 16u tot 22u.

Ook op de campussen van LUCA zullen er werken te zien.
TUMULTINGENT #2: Wees er klaar voor!

Prélude Pathétique

12 Dec


Op vier december opende in de Leuvense Universiteitsbibliotheek de expo ‘The Prélude Pathétique’. Tijdens de tentoonstelling geven 27 kunstenaars hun visie op het eeuwenoude thema van de transfiguratie. Deze tentoonstelling is de eerste editie van een reeks activiteiten waarmee LUCA School of Arts een platform wil creëren voor haar eigen jonge talent én haar gevestigde waarden; niet enkel Luc Tuymans en Michaël Borremans, maar ook Philippe Van Snick, Dan Van Severen, Herman Asselberghs, David Claerbout en vele anderen krijgen een plaats in deze expo.

De expo loopt nog tot 31/1 en maakt van het bezoeken van de bibliotheek een bijzondere ervaring. Mocht je in de buurt zijn, zeker binnenlopen!